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Media Center Master is developed and operated by one guy: Peter Souza. Since we'd much rather have my time go toward development than maintenance and support, I have to be somewhat strict about the rules required for contacting me and getting support to make it more efficient for everyone to get support in a timely manner.

In general, the best way to get support is to visit the our Community Discord and research if your question or problem is answered there already. If it isn't, you should post your question so others in the community can answer (and so others can benefit from the answer in the future).

If you need to report a bug, I require that all bugs be discussed and confirmed at the forums first to legitimize them. Please do not post them to the Issue Tracker first, or the issue will probably be dismissed outright. This way, we can verify that what you're seeing is a bug and not a misconfiguration or misunderstanding of various features.

If you'd like to request a new feature, you can do so at the Issue Tracker. I'd ask that you take a look at the feature request forum and make sure it wasn't already requested or an automatically dishonored request (I won't create foreign metadata fetchers, for example). If there aren't any discussions about the feature you'd like to see added to Media Center Master, and the feature doesn't already exist at the Issue Tracker, then feel free to add it! If it already exists at the Issue Tracker, make sure you click the star icon next to the issue. This does two things: it adds to the star count (which I use as a vote of priority for the request) and it will make sure you receive e-mail notifications about changes to that issue.

If you're having problems with the forums (such as not being able to sign up), have a private issue or question, or have an urgent issue about licensing, you may need to contact me directly at
(you need to enable JavaScript to view the e-mail address).

Finally, Twitter and Facebook are not well-suited for support. Please use the methods above instead!

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